Author:Amir Moayedoddin, Dominik Moser, Nathalie Nanzer

Title:The impact of brief psychotherapy centred on parenthood on the anxio-depressive symptoms of mothers during the perinatal period

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Author:Babak Moayedoddin , Grégoire Rubovszky , Laurent Mammana , Emilien Jeannot , Marlène Sartori , Nicolas Garin , Antonio Andreoli , Alessandra Canuto , Arnaud Perrier

Title:Prevalence and clinical characteristics of the DSM IV major depression among general internal medicine patients

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Author:Babak Moayedoddin, Christelle NanghoMakaya & Alessandra Canuto

Title:Do humanitarian crises offer opportunities for change? A critical review of the mental health and psychosocial support post emergency in the Republic of the Congo

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Title:Abnormal Grief: Should We Consider a More Patient-Centered Approach?

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Author:Laure Nicolet , Amir Moayedoddin , Joel Djatché Miafo , Daniel Nzebou , Beat Stoll and Emilien Jeannot

Title:Teenage Mothers in Yaoundé, Cameroon—Risk Factors and Prevalence of Perinatal Depression Symptoms

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Author:Joël Djatche Miafo, Daniel Nzebou, Beat Stoll,Joris Cathel Yimga Ngambia, Saskia von Overbeck Ottino and Amir Moayedoddin

Title:Perinatal mental disorders and suicidal risk among adolescent mothers living in urban areas of Cameroon

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